First Attempt at Responsive Design

So I have a new website, and if I'm going to redo the design at all the first thing I need to do is look at responsive design. A web page that has an appropriate layout regardless of the screen size it is displayed on would be an improvement on what I had before. So I've made an attempt at responsive design, and it works as I want it too, I still need to work on colours, and look and feel, but I do at least now know the basics of responsive design. This stuff is not easy, and I'm sure I have a lot yet to learn, and I'm probably not doing it in the best way possible, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

So now that I have learned a little about responsive design I have taken what I have learned and applied it to my current site. There were some teething issues with the different layout needed for my blog, but I've worked those out mostly. Some of the jokey and less serious styles (that only people who know me will know how to get too) still need to be fixed, but I can work on those later. For now, I have a responsive website!

posted at 09:24:43 PM on 26 May 2018 by Craig Stewart

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Blog Theme

So a while back I updated my blog's software and at the time it broke the themes. It turned out this was due to the new version of Roller not detecting that my blog is behind ssl and so the css wasn't being loaded by my browser. It was a fairly straight forward fix (a single setting to force the blog to treat all links as being behind ssl).

Having fixed that I could use any of the built in themes (plus a number of extra themes you can download). However I was never terribly happy with how my blog, and my website just didn't go together. With that in mind I decided to edit one of the simpler themes, and make it look more like my website (given my rather poor design skills this was probably a mistake, but meh). This ended up being a lot easier than I expected it to be.

So welcome to my new look blog, as shocking as it looks.

posted at 09:34:46 PM on 11 Mar 2015 by Craig Stewart

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