My shed now has a couple of shelves

In my previous blog post about my shed I teased about a wireless access point, and that it would be the subject of a future blog post. I had intended that to be the next enhancement to my shed that I blogged about. Unfortunately having had a shed for a few weeks now, and stuff that needs somewhere to live (the point of buying the shed in the first place), my wife insisted that the shed should be used for storage. It’s not like I didn’t want this as well, so I have had to re-prioritise my sub-projects within the shed. So once again that will have to wait. This week I have built a set of two shelves.

posted at 03:50:00 PM on 8 Aug 2020 by Craig Stewart

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I've built a bike rack in the shed

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I’ve recently built a new shed. And I’ve installed a solar panel. Well I’ve done some more work on the shed. But not all of the work is related to electricity.

posted at 01:40:00 PM on 2 Aug 2020 by Craig Stewart

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The Solar Panel is installed

Just a quick update. The solar panel is up on my shed roof.

posted at 05:50:00 PM on 23 Jul 2020 by Craig Stewart

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Installing power to the shed

In my last post I said I wanted to add solar power to my shed. Well I made a start on that. This post is about what I’ve done so far.

posted at 03:14:00 PM on 19 Jul 2020 by Craig Stewart

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Starting a new project

So my wife wanted a new shed (for good reason, the old one was literally falling apart), and I wanted a new project, one that was less computer related. So I ordered a prefabricated shed from B&Q. That was back at the tail end of March. Well that shed arrived about a week ago. And we now have a shed. I have plans for this shed, I intend to set it up with lighting, and power, but without the need to connect it to my domestic electricity supply, it’s at the bottom of the garden after all, and a mains cable running the length of the garden is dangerous. So I intend to build a small off grid solar power system for the shed. But that is for another time, this post is about building the shed.

posted at 01:12:00 PM on 16 Jul 2020 by Craig Stewart

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