So, I have a new Blog. I suspect I shall come to regret this decision, my colleagues will probably mock me horribly for this, but you cant have everything.

I've nearly set up a new blog several times in recent months, but have always held back. This is primarily because this would be my third, or possibly fourth, attempt at a blog. All of the others failed in the same basic way. I created the blog, I made an opening post introducing myself, and promising how I would keep it interesting, and then after a while (and no more posts) I killed it because an empty blogs are just crap.

I can't promise that this blog will be any different, I certainly don't promise that it will be of an interest to anyone but me.

Entries will largely be either rants, or stuff I want to share (I have a few projects in mind, but all in good time).

So once again, welcome to my blog.

posted at 8:14 pm on 13 Mar 2014 by Craig Stewart

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