In my last blog post I set up apache and certbot and got the ssl certificates I needed for my new mail server. So this blog was going to be about postfix, but as I found a handy guide online I followed some of it to get what I wanted. That is to say I followed those steps that made sense, skipped the ones that conflicted with my requirements, and altered the ones that didn't apply because of changes I had made. This gave me a reasonable set up, on two servers, that could each act independently, but lacked the mailbox sync to allow me to use them as a single mail infrastructure. To be fair the only things that really needed changing in any great detail where the dovecot userdb settings to allow doveadm to enumerate the users and get the correct settings, most of the remaining settings changes were trivial (SSL cert locations for example). I also skipped all of the optional extras (like roundcube and phpmyadmin). After this I had to configure dovecot mailbox sync as per their guide, and tweak the SSL settings to harden them, and now I have new mail servers. It took longer than I would like, and I have less to say than I have for the previous steps. But all is now working. I have however decided to look into DKIM and DMARC settings, as I have already configured SPF and there is a nice guide to follow linked from the comments on the guide I followed to get postfix installed and working.

posted at 5:11 pm on 10 Oct 2017 by Craig Stewart

Tags:email project sysadmin