Just a quick update. The solar panel is up on my shed roof.

Solar panel on a felt roof

The mounting brackets bolted to the aluminium frame that the panel came pre installed in, with holes pre-drilled for the brackets to attach too. I’ve put a small patch of felt between the brackets and the felt already installed on the shed roof to hopefully seal around the screws holding the brackets to the roof. Time will tell if that works.

Detail of mounting bracket screwed onto roof

I had to cover the panel with the box it came delivered in while I attached it to the solar charger to prevent any issues with sudden spikes in current from voltage differences damaging the charge controller or the solar panel itself. But it is now connected, and working.

Charge controller displaying voltage from the solar panel

Next steps, the charge controller has an rs232 port so I need to attach something to that, to get some stats. And attaching stuff to use all this power!

posted at 5:50 pm on 23 Jul 2020 by Craig Stewart

Tags:project shed off-grid solar-power