Since my last post about the location sharing app I was building I stopped working on it. But I came back to it this week to get it working with Azure AD, the protocol is OpenID Connect, and Microsoft’s documentation is very good. I had already got LDAP authentication working, but I didn’t deploy that version of the app as I didn’t want to have to install an LDAP service on a web facing server. But as I don’t have to support Azure AD I could deploy the version with that working, but before I could I do that I needed to allow for disabling LDAP authentication. So having sorted that out I have deployed the current version, with LDAP authentication disabled. It’s also configured to only allow consumer Microsoft accounts to authenticate against it, because this is a demo, not a commercial service. It is once again available at

If I’m honest with myself I’m probably done with this. I’ve put together something that proves What Three Words doesn’t need to exist. If I’m less honest with myself there is still some work to do. I still need to apply a license, unfortunately my employer paid for some of the time I spent building this, so I need to get their permission for any license I might choose. I also need to write a README that gives some useful information. I also need to get the app to do more useful logging (any logging really).

posted at 1:07 pm on 8 May 2020 by Craig Stewart

Tags:project sysadmin golang location-finder azure_ad