It’s been a while, and honestly I haven’t really done much work on this since my last post. I’d like to claim I’ve had too much on, but honestly I just haven’t had the motivation. My employer does “Learning and Development” days, and my manager allowed me to work on my location app as part of this. So the progress since my last blog post is thanks to this.

So what I have achieved is a rudimentary LDAP authentication system, and session management. With certain actions only allowed for valid sessions. More of the work on this was getting familiar again with openldap than I’d like to admit, but that is outside the scope of what I want to talk about with the app. So I don’t actually have much more to say. Next step is likely trying to get OAUTH working as an authentication method, and allowing the config to select between them. Then I need to write a README, and select a license to offer this code under.

I also probably need some UX help.

posted at 6:23 pm on 10 Jan 2020 by Craig Stewart

Tags:project sysadmin golang location-finder openldap