So in my previous blog post I said I was going to try and build a web app to find someone’s location using their smartphone’s location services. The first step in this is choosing a language and/or framework to build it in. I’ve decided to use Go, which a former collegue of mine tells me makes me a hipster.

So the first thing I need is a simple app that listens for an http connection and responds with some basic javascript that requests the location of the device that runs it. With this in mind I have started a new project. So far it’s not great, and not well tested. But I have an app, that listens on port 8080, and serves up a basic web page that uses javascript to display the location of the device it’s on.

The next step will be to host this app, use a reverse proxy to enable TLS, and run the app as an unprivileged user.

posted at 3:33 pm on 25 Aug 2019 by Craig Stewart

Tags:project open-source sysadmin location-finder golang javascript