So this is my rebuilt website, rebuilt using Jekyll. The design is a work in progress, and probably always will be.

There are two versions of this site. The primary one that has been my website for a long time at and a newer domain that I got, that at one stage I was intending to migrate my hosting too at This latter domain was where I first published the guide on how to build your own Git server using Gitea. I always intended to build that using jekyll eventually, but it was initially created manually. Recently I have added that guide to the jekyll site that builds the website. Hence merging the content of both sites. The full blog is currently only hosted at the former domain, the latter domain only has the last handful of blog posts. The intent is that is going to be a bit of a test bed for things I’m not ready for on my main domain. The code for both sites post jekyll build is hosted on my git server, both use a set of webhooks and git hooks to publish automatically when I merge to the default branch.

I previously hosted my website on my home connection, and the blog was based upon Apache Roller but Java hosting requires more memory, it’s cheaper to not host a Java app.