My name is Craig, and I am a systems administrator. Clearly my design skills leave a lot to be desired, but as I'm not hugely concerned about my design skills I'm not going to get too upset about that.

I set up this site for a number of reasons, partly to teach myself new skills, partly to have somewhere to play with skills I have picked up elsewhere. I like messing about with things, and ever since I was little I have broken things in an attempt to learn how they work. As I got older I got better at fixing the things I broke, and it is this that led me into IT. Starting out, as everyone does, low down the ladder, but as time went on I honed my skills, and moved forward, with the exception of a couple of setbacks, to the possition I am in now.

Outside of work I enjoy reading fantasy novels, particularly the disc world series by Terry Pratchett. I also enjoy arguments, and discussions, on what many would consider trivial topics, but it keeps me entertained. This does have a tendency to make me quite difficult to get on with at times, but I have managed to temper this particular personality trait such that it mostly only comes out when it is appropriate. I do have quite strong views on some subjects, and I like to think I am a moral person, but I do try not to judge others based upon my own beliefs.

I am proud of the fact that I am quite intelligent, having gone so far as to take the supervised mensa test, and having achieved a suitably high score, joined that organistation. I know that IQ isn't a be all and end all mark of intelligence, and believe that I can also demonstrate my intelligence through common sense, but that is more difficult.